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PRODUCTS AND SUBSCRIPTION publishes reference materials such as journals, and magazines which could greatly help every individual in the community to understand the importance of marine conservation and what we could contribute to help. This are published quarterly both in hard copies you could buy from your regular bookstores, and you could buy online through our partners.

These materials usually discuss the latest and most up-to-date issues in the marine environment of our community. From time to time, we also feature our marine heroes who strive to make a good change to preserve our bodies of water. We include glimpse of successful movements that are made to conserve our waters. This is not only educational by nature, but also a lot informative to the general public.

Eco-Aqua Guide to the Waterside

The Eco-Aqua Guide to the Waterside is the only nature and aquatic activities guide to the waterside – the Atlantic – Ponce Inlet – Indian River Lagoon. Content covering where to go for kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, canoeing, surfing, sailing and boating throughout the Volusia area of New Smyrna Beach.

It includes thirty-six color pages of nature and ocean adventures distributed in hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops and corner paper boxes – 5,000 in-room copies reaching 25,000 visitors over a period of six months.

The ECO-AQUA GUIDE to the WATERSIDE is an Ocean Realm Media publication (publishers of the 172 page, nationally distributed Ocean Realm Journal – and is produced to benefit the Marine Discovery Center of New Smyrna Beach with a portion of the advertising proceeds for MDC environmental awareness and educational programs.

Advertising in the guide benefits the Marine Discovery Center and the area tourism industry.


COPIES: 5000

READERSHIP: 5 per copy = 25000

DISTRIBUTION: Resort, hotel, time share and B&B rooms, convenience stores, gallery, stores, car rentals, food, and entertainment centers.


  • Full Page $1,200 (Add 20% for covers)
  • Half Page $700
  • Quarter Page $400
  • Eight Page $250
  • Quarter Page $400

Eco-Aqua Guide to the Waterside is also available for online downloading in PDF format. We will post updates on this soon. Just stay tune with us.